Robert "Bob" DeGroot, M.Ed., D.C.H., FAPA
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Bob DeGroot

Dr. Bob DeGroot is the founder and president of Sales Training International.

Drawing on over 35 years in the professions of sales, psychology, hypnosis, human growth and development, and training, Bob brings an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge that is obvious in his work.

In addition to authoring Psychology for Successful Selling (Hardcover from Branden Publishing Company) and Trance Formed Body (Paperback from IngramSpark), Bob has written over 70 training courses, 50 Web-based training courses and 43 eBooks.

His education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master in Education in School Psychology (Texas State University), followed later in life by a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy (California approved proprietary school). Relevance to hypnosis is tied to Georgi Lozanov’s work at the Institute of Suggestology (hypnosis) in Bulgaria.Lozanov studied the power of suggestion, conscious and unconscious, in a learning setting (suggestopedia) which led to the development of Accelerated Learning process now used throughout the world for education and training.

Bob's understanding of adult learning principles and Accelerated Learning comes into play when designing online learning and instructor led courses for maximum effectiveness.

Robert "Bob" DeGroot, M.Ed., DCH


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